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“I wanted freedom, and that’s what trading gave me.”


Trade Futures and Options on Futures. Part-time trading,
full-time experience.

Meet go-getter Rakshak, a full-time mechanical engineer with an active lifestyle. Making the move from options on stocks to trading options on futures allows Rakshak to feed his entrepreneurial spirit and to pursue financial freedom. Best of all? His experience allows him to trade at his convenience; whenever and wherever works best for him.

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Trade on the Go, on Your Terms

“I can be anywhere in the world, I can be doing anything and I always have (trading) with me.”

Trade options on futures from your favorite device. Keep an eye on the markets and act as needed, no matter what time it is or where you are in the world.

Apply Strategies and Risk Metrics You Already Know

“Since I’d already been trading options on stocks, (options on futures were) a parallel universe for me.”

Apply trading strategies that you already use on the futures and options markets. Once you understand the product differences, adjust your strategies and make the trades.

What to Know Before Trading

How to Transition to Options on Futures for Equity Traders

Learn. Practice. Repeat.

“It did take some learning . . . but the good thing about the Internet is that it’s super easy to learn.”

Futures and options on futures have some important differences from stock and cash markets, but it’s never been easier to learn to trade futures.

Take your learning to the next level and navigate the nuances of futures markets before you commit real capital with the CME Trading Simulator.

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Active Traders Require Timely Market Information

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